Red Sox Add Victor Martinez

July 31, 2009

It has been reported that Victor Martinez is heading to Boston in exchange for RHP Justin Masterson and LHP Nick Hagadone, the Red Sox first round pick in 2007.

Masterson is a nice COMPLEMENTARY pitcher, not an ace. His mechanics also leave him very injury prone and he is a shoulder blowout waiting to happen. And based upon Hagadone’s numbers thus far, he can not consistently throw the ball over the plate. 

Without giving up either Clay Buchholz or Daniel Bard for Martinez, this trade is a steal for Theo Epstein and the Red Sox organization.

Another big deal for the master.

The GM of the Indians, Mark Shapiro, was fleeced the other day in the Cliff Lee deal, and now has received much less for Martinez.

Shapiro did not get any of the top prospects from either the Phillies or Red Sox for either Lee or Martinez, his two best players. 

I hear he is now going to trade Grady Sizemore for three 2007 draft picks who are still in Low A ball.

This game of baseball is about winning, and the future is now for most teams, especially those in the AL Central, which seems to have a different winner every year.  

If Shapiro held out and received several major league ready prospects, the Indians could have competed by 2011.

Now they are out of it until after Shapiro is long gone.