New York Mets Woes With Jason Bay Were Predictable

When many Mets fans were clamoring for their “big left field bat” last December, I was one of the few who thought signing Bay would be a mistake.

I did the research, analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that the Bay signing would be a big waste of money for the Mets.

You can my original article right here. You can also see what I wrote AFTER the Mets did sign Bay.

It was a complete mistake by Omar Minaya, but what else do you really expect coming from a guy who was GIVEN his first GM job because he was Latino. Minaya has no baseball acumen whatsoever, and has made countless mistakes during his two GM tenures, the first in Montreal where he single-handedly almost ruining that Expos/Washington Nationals franchise.

The Bay signing was a disaster from the start as the big free agent bats last year (Bay and Matt Holliday), I thought would only use the Mets to gain more dollars from their 2009 teams, then re-sign with them.

Well, I was wrong on that one, but the only reason that Bay did sign with the Mets was because no one else wanted him for four years. Bay supposedly had knee issues which could haunt him a few years from now.  

I did predict in the second piece linked above that Bay would end up like Richie Sexson, a hitter signed to a big deal by Seattle to provide the “next step” for the Mariners.

Sexson provided two good seasons for the Mariners but then suffered a huge decline and was an albatross for the remaining two seasons before he was released.

Boy, was I wrong about that. Bay has turned into Sexson not in the third year of his contract – but he has turned into him during the first year of his 4-year, $66 million deal.

With slugging rookie Ike Davis shooting up the system, and Daniel Murphy (obviously before he got hurt) doing well his first full season in the majors, the Mets at the time did not need Bay’s bat. They needed pitching.

And if the Mets wanted to spend $66 million, they would have been better off signing John Lackey, the biggest free agent pitcher in the last off-season.

Only if Omar listened.

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