No Way Jesus Montero Should Have Been Promoted to the Majors

When Jorge Posada went on the disabled list, many people wondered if 20 year old Jesus Montero, the Yankees best hitting prospect would be promoted to the big leagues.

If would have been a huge mistake to promote Montero.

First, despite a mini hot streak, Montero is still not driving the ball like he is capable. He has hit only .244 with three home runs and 19 RBI.

Second, at the time you can’t bring up Montero because you still would need to make a corresponding move to get a more versatile player in the Bronx.

Someone like Kevin Russo who can play outfield and infield.

The Yankees need versatility now with so many guys who are hurting and two, Nick Swisher and Marcus Thames, who are taking up a roster spot but unable to play with minor injuries.

It leaves the Yankees in a vulnerable spot with a limited bench.

Bringing Montero up as a catcher and then DH’ing him in a game would leave the Yankees also vulnerable in case Francisco Cervelli gets hurt, especially early in a game.

If that happened, then the pitcher would have to bat since the DH is entering the game as a position player.

That would be an automatic out (unless CC is pitching) and far worse than if Randy Winn (who stinks) is playing.

Not to mention the chance a pitcher such as Hughes or Burnett could get hurt running the bases without any practice doing so. The Yankees still have nightmares about Chien-Ming Wang two season ago in Houston breaking his foot rounding third trying to score a run.

I would support Montero coming up only if the Yankees had two healthy catchers already and they were going to make Jesus the permanent DH.

But if you want to DL Thames, too, and bring up Montero and another catcher, then that would be fine.

The Yankees have a guy in Triple A, Robby Hammock, who is listed as an infielder but has caught 500 games in the minors and over 100 in the majors would fit that bill of catching and versatility.

I have seen him catch before in Spring Training, and he is very intelligent with good instincts. He would be the same type of guy as Chad Moeller, another catcher who also could be brought up.

Either way, it would be a mistake to bring up Montero.

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