New York Yankees Very Complimentary to Dallas Braden On His Perfect Game

On Mothers Day 2010, Oakland A’s Dallas Braden threw the 19th perfect game in MLB history.

Congratulations to Dallas.

As you can see on his page on Baseball-Reference, I sponsor his page, and have sponsored it since early last season.

You probably know his story.  I heard it early last season, and that is why I sponsored his page at BR.

He was raised by his grandmother in high school after his mother died of cancer. He was a troubled kid, and was going to join the marines so as not to be a burden to his grandmother. Braden would sleep in his truck, had nowhere to go until he enrolled at American River College, where he played baseball.

Braden always said the baseball saved his life. But his contrived dispute with Alex Rodriguez made him a national figure.

His rift with Alex is so overblown. But Alex was wrong to run across the mound, and Braden was also wrong by calling Alex out publicly on it.

Just plunk him next time he faces the Yankee third baseman.

Alex was very complimentary towards Braden, as were the rest of the Yankees, who were late getting on the field for batting practice as they were watching the final two innings of the perfecto.

“I’ve learned in my career that it’s always better to be remembered for some of the good things you do on the field — and good for him,” Rodriguez told reporters before playing the Red Sox. “He threw a perfect game. And, even better, he beat the Rays.”
Yankee manager Joe Girardi was equally praising.
Throwing a perfect game is an amazing achievement, with the one key factor is impeccable control by the pitcher. That eliminates walks obviously, but great control allows a pitcher to hit all his spots to both sides of the plate. That gets more outs on the balls put into play since the hitter is not getting good wood on the ball.
Guys like Catfish Hunter, Tom Browning, Mark Buerhle, David Wells, Jim Bunning, Kenny Rogers and Dennis Martinez had great control their entire careers.
Pitchers like David Cone and Len Barker are the exception rather than the rule.
Dallas Braden has great control with an amazing change-up that seems to stop in mid-air.
Those two qualities helped him reach perfection.

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