Jose Reyes Needed To Be In The New York Mets Opening Day Lineup

The Mets wanted to have a nice easy Spring Training. After coming off three consecutive debacle seasons, they went out and signed Jason Bay, thinking they needed a power hitting left fielder (Ike Davis, maybe? Think out of the box, Omar!).

But then Carlos Beltran went out to Colorado and had his cranky knees operated on, Kelvim Escobar still has a sore pitching shoulder, Daniel Murphy twisted his knee and, most importantly Jose Reyes had a thyroid problem. The thyroid issue cost Jose three weeks of training camp, and he still has not played in a major league spring training game.

Still, Reyes’ thyroid levels stabilized, he is now able to resume athletic activities. Reyes has played a few simulated and minor league games, getting more at bats and even played three inning in the field during one game.

For a major athlete in his physical condition, which is better than mine and more than 99% of the population, he is ready to play. Reyes wants to play.

But the Mets have put Reyes on the Disabled List (DL) because they are being overly cautious. That is understandable after the prior season injury mishaps to Carlos Beltran, many of the pitchers and Reyes with his bad leg last season.

Being overly cautious is similar to a bad free throw shooter in basketball. If the shooter misses the first free throw really short or really long, they always overcompensate too much with the next shot. Being overly cautious with Reyes is bad for the Met fans who need something to improve their spirits.

With Beltran out for at least another month, and now Daniel Murphy out a few weeks, with all the bad karma over the last three seasons, it is important for Reyes to be starting at shortstop on opening day.

The Mets need to give their fans some optimism, and that will not happen with Reyes on the DL. General Manager (LOL!) Omar Minaya is making another mistake.

Even if Reyes plays Opening Day and then rests for a few days, it would mean so much to the Met fans, on this important day to be in the lineup.

In seeing the new left side of the defense, David Wright at third base, Reyes at short and new left fielder Jason Bay all starting opening day would give hope to the Met fans.

That is of course until Oliver Perez pitches a few days later.

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