Jose Reyes Illness Not a Big Concern

New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was sent back to New York for more tests. His thyroid, a gland which surrounds the windpipe and produces hormones for the metabolism of cells, produces too much of these hormones.

This is not a condition which will cause Reyes to miss much time during the season.

Thyroid disease is very common, and in good hands, the diseases that cause an excess of thyroid hormones can be easily treated.

Most people with this condition (about 80%) are cured via a radioactive iodine treatment.

Once again, this will have no problems with Reyes’ ability to play baseball. It is my contention that the Met team doctors are being overly cautious because of the last year and a half from being severely scrutinized in other medical mishaps.

Reyes may miss time this year, and the Met doctors probably will be involved, but it will not be because of Jose’s hyperthyroid.

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