Why Does Tiger Woods Need to Apologize to us and the Media?

Tiger Woods will give his prepared and carefully scripted news conference tomorrow at 11 AM. It will concern his extra-marital affairs he had against his wife, Elin Nordegren (did she really keep her own name or recently change it back after Thanksgiving?) and his eventual return to the pro golf tour.

Why does Tiger even have to apologize to anyone but his wife?  It appears he has done that already many times over, in press releases and more importantly, in private.

Why does he need to go in front of the cameras and tell eveybody what happened?

Because we demand that he do it, that’s why! We want to know, not me really, but other who live their lives through celebrities. You know who you are! You buy the National Enquirer, the Star and People magazine – all at one time. You probably spend $300-500 a year on trashy tabloids just to keep up with the Jones’, and Woods’ and whatever celebrity is in the scandal spotlight.

How does Tiger talking before all the cameras* affect you? Will you feel better about your life that Tiger has to put his tail between his legs and tell the entire world what happened and what will happen in the future?

*Can you believe that all the Networks will show this live?

The men who mock Woods are jealous of his power, his money and his ability to get any woman he wants. Obviously with#’s one and two, #3 was easier to obtain.

And obtain he did. The one thing men do want are women. The more, the merrier in some mens eyes.

The men who mock Woods would give anything to be like Tiger for a couple months, weeks, days or even hours!The women who deplore him are upset that he cheated, but somehow they would love to be able to hang with a guy with that much power and money.

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