Jorge Posada’s Outburst Might Have Cost the Yankees Last Night’s Game

I wrote a piece the other day talking about the idiotic and childish manner in which Jorge Posada conducted himself in the bean ballgame with the Toronto Blue Jays.

And because of Posada’s outburst and three game suspension, the Yankees had a tight game against the Blue Jays Wednesday night and lost a one-run game last night to Seattle and King Felix.

Ichiro’s HR did score the tying and winning runs last night, but Jose Molina came up to hit in the 7th inning with men on first and third and hit into a double play.

If Posada was eligible for last night’s game, he probably would have started the game, which changes the entire dynamic of the game, but he might not have started with AJ Burnett pitching. If Posada was available and did not start the game, he pinch hits for Molina in that 7th inning situation and the outcome could have been different.

Bottom line is that Posada’s suspension has put the Yankees into precarious positions both nights due to the limits on moves Girardi could make.

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