An Open Letter to all Major League Baseball General Managers

This is an open letter to primarily the National League GM’s, but it will apply again next season for the American League teams, too. In fact, all teams can benefit from this advice.

Just imagine you are the GM of a team in trouble. You might have lost your standings in the playoff picture (like the Dodgers, Marlins or Giants) or your team has mired itself in so much turmoil that you need a good looking trade to build up your stature with the owners (like Omar Minaya of the Mets or Jim Hendry of the Cubs).

Do you want to look good as GM for your respective team and possibly keep your job?

Then make a trade for an aging veteran pitcher just before you go play the Arizona Diamondbacks, one of the worst hitting teams in the majors and a team which has pretty much given up on the season.

This tactic will work for any contending or needy team about to visit a terrible hitting team. You could also trade for a pitcher right before you play the Kansas City Royals or Cincinnati Reds. Maybe the San Diego Padres or currently comprised New York Mets are coming to town.  

This would then give Omar Minaya one less team to work with.

But this situation has worked wonders for playoff contending teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies. Both teams acquired starting pitchers last week, who ended up turning in great performances against the Diamondbacks.

Jon Garland was acquired by the Dodgers from the Diamondbacks themselves, and went out and threw a gem against the Diamondbacks a few days later.

Then two days later, Jose Contreras, just acquired by the Rockies from the Chicago White Sox during their veteran player fire sale, pitched a great game against the same lowly Diamondbacks.

Now, it should be mentioned that the Diamondbacks are likely the worst hitting team in the major leagues RIGHT NOW, worse even then the Washington Nationals or the Pittsburgh Pirates. Only the Royals could challenge the Diamondbacks for mediocrity with the bat.

While the Rockies have to contend with the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers lineups the last seven games of their season, it only gets better for the Dodgers.

 They have three more games this week against the Diamondbacks, then seven more against the Pirates, three versus the Nationals, seven against the Giants and finishing up with two against the Padres.

No exactly a Murderer’s Row in the bunch.

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