Why Are Denver Broncos Fans Hating Jay Cutler?

The signs were everywhere Sunday night in Denver. Crybaby was the common theme – all heaped upon new Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler.

When Cutler found out that new Broncos head coach Josh McDaniel tried (and failed) to trade for New England Patriots QB Matt Cassel, Cutler threw a fit and wanted out of Denver. He obviously did not want to be at a place where the head coach was not on the same page with this QB.

One of the best Cutler signs said, “There’s no ‘Jay’ in team.” But from the looks of Sunday night’s game, Cutler is every bit the team player.

Cutler got his wish, was traded to Chicago, and the Bears look really good, and the Broncos looked bad, like the mid 1960’s to late 1970’s pre- John Elway Broncos.

Which is quite ironic how the Broncos fans were calling Cutler a cry baby, because the player Bronco fans revere the most. The man who won them two Super Bowls, was himself a crybaby.

Crying over the fact that the Baltimore Colts had taken Elway first overall in the 1983 draft. Elway didn’t want to play for the Colts and told everyone he would never sign. Eventually, the Colts traded his rights to Denver for QB Mark Herrmann, the rights to OL Chris Hinton and a first-round pick in the 1984 draft, which turned out to be OG Ron Solt.

Both sides came away OK with the deal, with the Colts breathing a sigh of relief as they thought they would get nothing for the crybaby Elway.

But the Baltimore area received a more unnerving shock when in March 1984, under the cover of darkness, owner Bob Irsay moved the team to Indianapolis and out of Baltimore.

Something funny about Cutler playing in Denver this pre-season. When Elway cried his way out of Baltimore, he went back to Baltimore as Broncos QB in Game 2 of that 1983 season, and, as one could expect, was roundly booed. The game wasn’t pretty for Elway, but the Broncos won.

In this August 26, 2009 interview (just two days before Cutler was to play in Denver), Elway states that Cutler would probably not be ill received, as he relates his own coming back home party: “It was probably one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had; going back into Baltimore. But I think the difference is they are coming back here in a preseason game whereas we went back there the second game of the regular season,” Elway said. “Plus I think that Broncos fans probably have a little bit more class than the Colts fans did.”

Based upon the Sunday night reaction by the Denver fans, they obviously do not.

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