This is my new site…and a link to my old site

Hi everybody. That was the statement made all the time by Dr. Nick Riviera of The Simpson’s fame.  God I love that show.

Anyway, if you have been to this site, you know it is my new site.

I used to write on but GoDaddy is the hosting group and that was such a pain in the ass to get into, that I decided to begin using WordPress.

So much easier, which is great because while I have a tremendous amount of patience for everything (except traffic, long lines, idiot baseball players), it is without a doubt that GoDaddy was getting to the top of the list.

Here is the link to my prior writings:

Some interesting stuff there, and more interesting stuff on the way with this site also.

I do not delve too much into the saber stats with things like WAR, VORP, IsoP etc, but with more conventional statistics. One disagreement I have with most sebermetricians is that while they believe a guy with a WAR of 5.3 is more valuable that a guy with a 3.3 WAR (and he likely is) that really doesn’t translate into the first player contributing two more wins for his team.

My problem with saber stats is that is takes into account all a players statistics and puts them into a formula. Whether the individual stats used in the formula helped the players team win any individual games isn’t part of the factoring.

 Team victories are recorded during the individual game, not over the entire time period. Many players can hit a three run homer in the 8th inning while his team is up or down by 10-2, but it might not have any bearing on the eventual outcome. However, a tie game bottom of the eighth starts with a leadoff double by Melky Cabrera. Ramiro Pena follows with a sac bunt, sending Cabrera over the third base who is then driven home by a Derek Jeter sac fly. Mariano Rivera, of course, closes it out.

Pena has nothing to show sabermetric-wise but helped his team win an individual game. And each game is full of small plays which help win games.

Saber stats are nice to play fantasy baseball with, but just because a pitcher has a terrible FIP or ERA+, it is still of utmost importance when your team is ahead 6-4 to get that third out in the 7th inning with men on second and third.

Somehow prior FIP won’t help in that situation, but a nice biting slider will.

I am currently a Featured Columnist with, covering the Yankees on a regular basis. Here is the link to my page over there:


I also do some work for where I write monthly (or somewhat more spread out) columns on prospects. The site is run by Johanna Wagner, who I met at the 2008 Winter Meetings in Las Vegas. Johanna (pronounced like the Met pitcher Johan Santana’s first name with the extra “a”) really knows her baseball and is well connected within the ranks of major league GM’s, scouts and agents.

The pieces on Johanna’s site usually involves discussing an organization I feel is going in the right direction by drafting and developing their own talent. It is cost effective to keep replacing the older, higher salaried players with younger, cheaper talent. A team simply can not keep all the great talent they create because you eventually can not pay the higher market salaries to keep all your good players around.

A perfect example is with the Tampa Bay Rays. They have an option next season on Carl Crawford for $10 million for 2010, but will not be able to keep him past next season because Crawford will command at least a four or five year deal at a price of around $15-17 million per season.

Plus the Rays have prospect Desmond Jennings, a true five tool star who played well in AA most of the year before being called up to AAA and not missing a beat. He should be ready for good in 2011, if not sooner.

Those are some of my thoughts on things, and you will continue to read more down the line.

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