New York Mets fire Tony Bernazard

There is a pre-game press conference scheduled before tonight’s game vs. the Colorado Rockies. It is at that press conference that it will be announced that Tony Bernazard, the Mets VP of Player Development and VP of Vulgar Behavior, has been fired.

Bernazard will be fired because of his threatening and castigating young players from the Mets Double A team in Binghampton over two weeks ago.

I wonder who actually is authorizing the firing? Is it solely GM Omar Minaya’s call? If so, it would then appear he has his baseball authority back within the Mets organization.

Did the owner’s son, Jeff Wilpon, who supposedly had a good relationship with Bernazard, get passed over on this decision? If he did, then Omar surely will continue to be GM past this 2009 season, as it would appear he has the backing of daddy Wilpon, Jeff’s dad Fred.

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