Tony Bernazard Needs to be Fired Immediately

When I read the story by Adam Rubin concerning Tony Bernazard’s tirade towards a bunch of 19-25+ year olds, I immediately felt bad for Mr. Bernazard’s family members. Why? Because they have to put up with him every day while the Binghamton Met players have to deal with his garbage only once in a while.

Mr. Bernazard was supposedly there to “sternly talk” with the AA players, but instead he challenged them to a fight.

How childish. But that is what has become of the New York Mets organization.

I remember the old joke about going to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out. Now, it is I went to a AA baseball game and a MMA match broke out.

 Mets GM Omar Minaya said, “I know he did have a team meeting with them. It was not a ‘you-guys-have-been-great meeting.’ I know he spoke to them in a stern voice. But as far as what he was wearing, what kind of shoes he was wearing; I don’t know anything about that.”

That snide Minaya comment about what kind of shoes Tony B. was wearing is typical of this Mets regime. Complete disregard for the actual facts and what is right and wrong. Whether it is flying Ryan Church out to Colorado last year after his two concussions, lying to the fans about various team injuries or your VP verbally berates young players, this Minaya regime is absolutely ignorant of what it takes to run a franchise.

Now we are finding out that Minaya isn’t even the worst part! As VP of Mets Player Development, Bernazard is responsible for building the farm system. Develop younger players to help fill in and replace older players when they either get hurt or move on to another team.  

So, what has Bernazard actually done? Their farm system stinks, and except for signing underage Latin players (shocker!), the system hasn’t produced anything. Brad Holt and Jonathan Niese are nice pitchers, but most of the good prospects are very recent draftees (Ike Davis and Brad Holt) or undrafted Latin ballplayers (Mejia, Flores, Jefry Marte, Francisco Pena).

If Bernazard wants to hang his hat on that he found Daniel Murphy then I guess he can do that.

And the excuse that Bernazard was addressing an underage drinking problem on the team is a smokescreen. The current Binghamton roster lists only two players not yet 21 – P Jenrry Mejia, who is currently on the 7 day DL and SS Ruben Tejada.

So, are the Mets saying that both of those guys are drinking a lot? Couldn’t the manager of the team, Mako Oliveras, address that small little issue?  Is that why Tejada’s name came up in Jon Heyman’s report of a nixed Roy Halladay trade? Now, it appears that trade was never discussed and Heyman may have been “given bad information.”

In the past, especially during the Willie Randolph firing fiasco, Heyman was getting great “inside” information on Mets updates. That information was coming directly from Bernazard, who was always Heyman’s inside guy. Bernazard was stabbing Randolph in the back the entire time, and then telling Heyman about it every step of the way.

This is maybe why Heyman said this on WFAN yesterday concerning the Bernazard accusations, “Well, you know what, it seems to be all in one newspaper, though… You know, there are a lot of personalities that go around, the papers like one guy who’s helping them, they don’t like another guy for whatever reason… I mean, sides are taken and people are made to look bad.

Definitely Heyman was trying to back up his inside guy Bernazard. Watch your back, Jon.

Minaya said in the Daily News article that Bernazard was basically trying to get the Double A guys to play better because they “haven’t been great.”

A check of Tony Bernazard’s stats indicate that he was a decent ballplayer for several teams, but once had an 0-44 hitting stretch in 1984 while playing for the Cleveland Indians. That tied a modern day record. I wonder if any veteran Indians player verbally attacked Bernazard in the middle of that stretch?

This incident is just another red flag for the Wilpon administration and their GM Omar Minaya. Minaya needs to fire Bernazard immediately, but Tony B. is likely closer to the Wilpon’s that even Omar, the supposed head of baseball operations.

What else can you expect from a GM who never even had to interview for his first GM job with the Montreal Expos and scammed his way into his current Mets job? If the Wilpon’s see this as a way of getting Omar out, where will Omar ever get another job in MLB?

I wonder also why Bernazard supposedly went after SS Jose Coronado, he of 6’1″ and 190 lbs, who isn’t playing that badly right now. Maybe if he went after the struggling 6’2″, 230 lbs Caleb Stewart, we might of heard about the altercation a lot sooner.

Bernazard needs to go sooner rather than later, but the Gutless Mets ownership and GM won’t do it.

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