Did Omar Really Decline the Blue Jays Offer of Roy Halladay?

It has been reported by Jon Heyman that the New York Mets declined the Toronto Blue Jays offer of Roy Halladay for Bobby Parnell and three minor leaguers including OF Fernando Martinez, LHP Jonathan Niese and SS RubenTejada.

Omar must be insane to turn down that deal.

Getting Halladay for those four guys would have been a coup for Minaya and might of kept him as Met GM past 2010, especially if he could spend the Wilpon money to sign him long term. First, the Mets have better prospects at the same positions than Tejada (in Wilmer Flores) and Niese (in Jennry Mejia and Brad Holt).

Thus, giving up needed future parts in Parnell and Martinez (currently hurt and out six weeks) for the best pitcher in baseball is steal.

As a reliever, Parnell is replaceable. The fragility of relievers makes almost all of them replaceable, and veteran relievers become available every year. It is just as easy to develop relievers, too.

I am one of the very few baseball guys who hates trading prospects for veterans, but we are talking about Roy Halladay. I am not sold yet on F-Mart, and I know he is only 20 years old, but to guarantee Halladay and Santana in your rotation for a year and a half, an organization needs to give up something of value.

And that value is in F-Mart and Parnell.

Having Halladay and Johan Santana for all of next season would be the best 1-2 punch since Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling for the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks. It makes the Mets exponentially better as the sum of both pitchers is likely greater than its parts.

Getting Halladay now wouldn’t necessarily help the Mets make the playoffs this season as they are still nine games out and ten out in the loss column. And with the Phillies on a hot streak right now, it would be very difficult to come from that far back even if Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado came back today.

That Halladay trade would, however, make the Mets prohibitive favorites for next year assuming all the MASH unit comes back healthy.

It is the only thing that can save Minaya after next year, and, if the story was true, it was a trade that Omar should have jumped all over. It is also the type of deal which would of cemented JP Ricciardi’s place in the annals of worst baseball GM’s in history, unless Ricciardi floated that idea to boost his take from another team.

Of course, no matter what Omar and JP agreed to, it is still up to King Roy. He wants to play for a winner, and the last time I checked, the Mets are not winners.

No way Halladay would even want to come here to play with the Mets. Even Julio Lugo is smart enough to see that…right?

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