New York Mets Sign Angel Berroa

It is 3:30 pm and I just read on Pete Abraham’s blog that the Mets just signed Angel Berroa, recently released by the Yankees.

Back when Jose Reyes first got hurt, even before he went on the DL, I propsed a Yankee/Met trade to help out the Metsies. Carlos Delgado was already out and their starting rotation was shot.

I proposed the Yankees send Berroa (who was at AAA but had a good spring), Shelley Duncan and Brett Tomko for a good, but not great Mets prospect. Not talking Fernando Martinez or Wilmer Flores, but maybe Dillon Gee or Jonathan Niese.

Berroa has good pop and Shelley would have given them some RH power at first base/OF. Would have been good for both teams. Yanks didn’t need those three players, but the Mets could of used them at the time. Looks like they still do.

Anyway, Berroa is a Met and his signing is not a good indication that Jose Reyes is coming back to the Met lineup any time soon.

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