New York Yankees: Why Many Pinstripers Were Named in The Mitchell Report

On December 13, 2007, Yankee haters rejoiced when the Mitchell Report came out. Within that “hard-hitting” report were upwards of 20 players who had been Yankees at one time or another.

Subsequently, many stories were written how the Yankees four World Series titles from 1996-2000 were tainted. What was not mentioned is that not all those players were users while they played with the Yankees. Most who were reported to have used HGH or other PED’s used them for a brief time, and maybe only for portions of a single season.  

The reason there are so many Yankees in the Mitchell Report is directly related to Kirk Radomski’s arrest in December 2005. While Jose Canseco’s book “Juiced” was a topic in early 2005 and led to the 2005 Congressional hearings; make no mistake, the Mitchell investigation was begun in March of 2006 by MLB in response to Radomski’s arrest. 

Within the Mitchell report (on page 138) it is stated that during the raid on Radomski’s home “agents seized documents relating to Radomski’s distribution of performance enhancing substances, primarily to ML baseball players, including Radomski’s address book and receipts documenting the shipment of packages to major league players.”

Within the address book were various players’ names and the name and phone number of Brian McNamee.

Whereas Radomski mostly sold the drugs directly to players, McNamee was one of the few (maybe only?) non-player Radomski distributed steroids and HGH. And everyone in MLB knew McNamee was Roger Clemens’ personal trainer.

Mitchell now had his big fish in Roger Clemens.

Mitchell needed a big name in order to justify his report. Mitchell knew the current players, through the union, were not going to talk. That is why the report only went as far as it did…and named mostly Yankees, the team which McNamee was directly involved through Clemens.

I do not condone players using these substances, but still do not understand why Mitchell names all the names (was it just to satisfy the blood-thirsty media and fans?), especially when his recommendations were not to punish those in the past but to correct things for the future, like improved drug testing.

Isn’t that what Mark McGwire said three years ago? That he did not want to discuss the past? Why is McGwire’s reputation now so sullied and in disrepair?

He wasn’t named in the Mitchell report, and as far as I know has never tested postive for any banned substance. He was only named in Canseco’s book….but he “did not want to talk about the past.”

Same as what George Mitchell recommended.

I kind of feel sorry for Clemens after he was named in the report, not because he got caught, but because he was in a no win situation. Do you “not talk about the past” like McGwire and get your reputation ripped for not fessing up, or do you fight to the end about your innocence, only to get punished as a liar on top of that as a cheat?

It’s really a no win deal…for McGwire or Clemens.

Mitchell’s report does not go any further in what we already knew at the time, except to name Clemens and Pettitte. More Yankees are on the list because the report was not complete.

While only Radomski and McNamee told their sordid tales, do you think that there wasn’t a Kirk Radomski type guy in Oakland? Do you think all personal trainers like McNamee in Arlington, TX were clean? Do you think there weren’t Radomski’s and McNamee types in San Diego or Detroit?

We don’t know for sure…but I wouldn’t bet against it. Lucky for all the non-Dodger players on the West Coast that Barry Bonds’ trainer, Greg Anderson, could keep his stories to himself.

It is funny reading some of the ad nausem arguments about the PED “juicers” and “cheaters.” Like all the people writing their opinions are perfect in every way. In one way or another we all have our skeletons.

If we all didn’t have skeletons in our closets, there would be a lot more candidates running for President of the United States. As we shall find out soon, Hillary will likely rattle the bones in Barack Obama’s closet!

This country is great in that we love to build up our heroes, but what many people in this country love to do even more is to tear these heroes back down.

However, the favorite thing for American’s to do is to comfort those who have admit they have wronged. If those people testifying to Congressional committee’s would have admitted their use, the American people who have embraced them once again.

But, if they all told the truth, we wouldn’t have anything to argue about…until the Hall of Fame voting comes around in 2011 when the first wave of “juicers” are eligible.

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